In the Spotlight: Hazel Brown

With small-house production and a rustic, handmade air; Ali Blankley of Hazel Brown references hand-me-downs and nostalgia through her biannual collection. Blankley was a painter for over a decade before developing Hazel Brown and continues to create art alongside her fashion label. Garments are often purposefully shrunken, oversized or wrinkled; a signature attribute to the earthy character of her designs.

Artist Residency

Monica Perez’s works are expressions of emotion—impulsive, spontaneous gestures of hands on canvas. Her aesthetic unites paint and design with strokes of abandon and constraints of composition.

“I create these pieces to work through personal and creative struggles and it’s liberating to pour myself out, transferring what was inside onto canvas. Looking at the pieces now are like reading through specific pages of my journal and reflecting on the process has made me stronger. When others stand in front of these pieces, I hope they too remember emotional and defining moments in their lives.”

About Us

Minnie T's only rules – uncommon and independent style, natural fibers and artistic construction. 
With a finely curated collection that combines both strong New York & European sophistication along with the casual chic of LA's most cosmopolitan women, Minnie T's has been a fashion retail trailblazer since its start in 2001 as the first clothing store on iconic Abbot Kinney Blvd. With over 60 unique and emerging lines from across the world, Minnie T's has been an under-the-radar favorite for stylists, celebrities and artists since day one. In the fall of 2014, the boutique expanded its brick and mortar and moved to Santa Monica's up-and-coming Ocean Park Blvd. It is here that Minnie T's continues to honor its founding principle of celebrating timeless yet modern, handcrafted goods.

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Hours: M-F 11-7pm, Sun 11-6pm